Sunday, October 17, 2021

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b.Blunt Talks: Keep Calm and Carry On with Canna Bath Co.

Redefining Healing & Relaxation This week b.Blunt sat down with Jessica Bernardo, owner, and founder of Canna Bath Co.,...

The 420: Rachel Grano, Creator of Mother’s Hemp

This week we sat down with Rachel Grano, the creator, and founder of Mother's Hemp, a small batch, hand-made CBD wellness company.

b.Blunt Holiday Gift Guide 2019

For your Holiday-shopping pleasure: the fruits of an entire year's worth of our gift-researching labor. Start making a list—and checking it twice—here...

b.Blunt Talks: You will want to roll with Blew Glew

This week we continue our conversation with Latiecia Smith, the trailblazing creator and founder of Blew Glew, an all-natural cigar and rolling...

Pass the Blunt: Sabrina Rebolledo on Motherhood and Cannabis

This week we passed the blunt to Sabrina Rebolledo a modern stay at home Mom and a freelance writer. She is advocating for creating a safe and comfortable community for Canna-Moms to educate themselves and find the support they need to be true to themselves. She has started hosting networking events that focuses on motherhood and cannabis.
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