Thursday, December 10, 2020

Canna Bath Co.

redefining health & relaxation

Canna Bath Co. products are for those seeking a luxurious bath experience, softer skin, pain, and stress relief. CBC products include a blend of Epsom and Himalayan bath salts to help you relax, breathe more clearly, and soothe sore muscles.

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Blew Glue

The Smoker's Super Glew

Changing the way you roll. This all-natural cigar and rolling paper sealant seals leaf seams, tears, & holes with ease. A safe & sanitary alternative when rolling.

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Meraki Terpene Infused Crutches

A Crutch You Can Depend On

Meraki has harnessed those terpenes into the first of its kind terpene infused crutches that will add a delicious element to any joint.

Garden Society

Cannabis with a fresh perspective

Want to feel good and happy and alive? Garden Society is creating a sisterhood of women in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the rigors of our daily lives by offering high-quality cannabis-infused confections and sun-grown flower pre-rolls that connect biodynamic farming, sustainable ingredients, and strain-specific cannabis in a variety of products.

Cannabitch Rolling Papers

Fill It. Tuck It. Lick It. Stick It.

Cannabitch rolling papers are radically improving the way women smoke weed. One roll at a time.

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Canna Style

Redefining what it means to be a stoner

It's a new dawn, it's a new day. Canna Style offers stylish products that are designed to enhance the experience of smoking cannabis and fight the stigma at the same time!

Kannai Candles

All-in-one spa candle, body balm and massage oil

Kannai Candles release stress, relax the body and lift the spirit. All you do is light up the candle, enjoy the aromatherapy and then use the melted CBD oil to massage away pain or inflammation.


Hey ladies in the place, I’m callin’ out to ya!

Erbanna is the high fashion odorless bags that hide the smell of cannabis so you can strut your style in discreet confidence. These bags come equipped with custom compartments engineered and designed specifically for all your dope essentials.

Cannassist Vitamins

A Daily MultiVitamin for Cannabis Users

Cannassist is the world’s first daily multivitamin created for cannabis users. This THC and cannabis free multivitamin is a natural way to give your body more of what it needs.

Bailey’s CBD for Dogs

A Healthy Pet is a happy pet

Woof Woof! Bailey's CBD dog products are derived from organically grown Hemp with the goal of helping our pets live health, age gracefully and feel complete.

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Half Baked Bus

for the hippie in all of us

Highly curated, handcrafted and unique cannabis products inspired by traveling around the U.S. in a tiny home.

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What Would Mary Say

Live the life of a canna-consumeress

Born all over the world and curated by Mary. Hand selected with beauty and simplicity in mind. Mary's whimsical collection offers handcrafted crystal pipes, ladieswear and accessories for the canna-consumeress.

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For women who smoke weed

Glassy is a cannabis accessory shop, where you can choose from a beautiful collection of curated pipes, apparel and lighters that best represent your style. Glassy is about women feeling empowered to do whatever it is that lights their fire, without worrying about how it may be perceived or judged. Their motto is “You Do You”

Mary Jane Swim

Flower Power

Mary Jane Swim is a swim-lifestyle brand with fashion-forward designs and elegant marijuana patterns created to be at the forefront of the movement to normalize cannabis and CBD. Supporting the wellbeing of athletes, a portion of Mary Jane Swim proceeds are donated to Athletes for Care.

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Baked Hippies Co.

Don't lose anymore oil with our famous coil

Losing cash from dropping your stash? Say hello to Kart Kushions! The world's first kushion made exclusively for vape cartridges.

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The Baked Lady Company

For the common good

Handcrafted, organic, full spectrum CBD body care and treatment products that have positive impacts on your body, mind and soul. #VIBEHIGHER

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Gracious Om

Relax. Realign. Recharge

Gracious Om is a woman-owned company that strives to promote self-love every day. Imbuing their beauty and lifestyle brand with positive intention, they hope to inspire you to accept yourself just as you are. By using the highest quality materials and purest ingredients, they ensure each facial roller, scrub, and mist is both eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

House of Puff

The Glossier of Weed Accessories...

House of Puff specializes in discreet, decidedly-feminine smoking accessories. Their signature product, the Lit Kit, contains an artist-designed ceramic one-hitter, rolling papers, matches, crutches, a pocket-sized silicone herb container, and a custom-blended candle made using local materials. The accessories come in a carrying case about the size of a makeup bag that says "High Functioning" on the outside.


Chill AF

Super-powered, high quality CBD supplements that promote healing in humans and furry sidekicks. Their CBD is derived from 100% organic industrial hemp plants and is third-party lab tested for purity and consistency.

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b.Blunt Gear

Sorry for being so blunt, that's just how I roll

b.Blunt Gear is for the modern canna-women who is stylish, high-functioning and #BOSS. These 100%, premium cotton t-shirts come in a variety of designs and colors. They are sexy, soft and fun and you can easily dress it up or down to suit the occasion.


F*ck Stereotypes

Stigma is a bold activewear company, that is all about shattering the “lazy stoner” stereotype by offering a line of men’s and women’s apparel for people who use cannabis and CBD to improve their overall health and wellness.

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For Lovers of High Design

Leaff is an online shop dedicated to curating beautifully-designed cannabis accessories created by female artists and designers. From Art Deco bongs to stylish stash containers and fashion forward accessories, this is a one-stop shop for the sophisticated smoker looking for quality, elegance and simplicity.

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High Noon

Think outside of the pipe

HIGH NOON believes that there is more to it than what you're smokin'. Whether you're using recreationally, medicinally, occasionally or daily; morning, afternoon or night they make pipes that bring a sense of comfort, sophistication and excitement to your experience. These pipes are hand-crafted, simplistic and 100% unique, and though it may seem so, no two pieces are alike.

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Keep Calm and CBD On

CBeautyDifferenly is UKs first CBD infused natural beauty product line. An innovative, beauty brand that offers three natural, high-quality and non-toxic products: Cannabalm, Esentual Oil and CBD Enriching Oil to help maintain all your beauty needs. These products are made with high-quality CBD and Marula oils.

Pot for Pot

Just add water…

Your complete kit to grow at home. Whether you shopping for that aspiring hobbyists or experienced grower, the Pot for Pot grow kits are perfect for the first-timer or the green thumb who wants to learn more. It has everything you need to go from seedling to harvest! Just add water!

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Breaking the Grass Ceiling

Watch out for falling glass

Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed and Business is a biographical collection featuring powerful, driven, and courageous women who have been instrumental in paving the way into the cannabis industry. Within these pages, 21 women share their triumphs, heartaches, and words of wisdom derived from their incredibly diverse experiences within the legal cannabis industry.


Parlez-vous francais?

Allume, in French, means to light up, and this cannabis lifestyle brand will get you lit. They offer discreet, beautifully crafted products from established and emerging brands, including a monthly Chill Box which is thoughtfully curated with 5-8 products and might include organic rolling papers, terpene-inspired scents, or high-design pipes. Trust me, it’s alluminating!

Kush and Cute

Become a #kushcutie

Kush and Cute is an all-natural cannabis skin and lifestyle products. The team at Kush and Cute is dedicated to putting time and love into every single item from beginning to end to ensure you have the best experience possible. The quality is always HIGH so you can love yourself inside and out.

The Pleasure Parlor

What is your sign, baby?

A sex-positive, body-positive company that offers exclusive, professionally curated, adult subscription boxes designed to create confidence and creativity by tapping into your personal journey of self-love and body acceptance. The Zodiac Box, a quarterly subscription box, (or one-time box) is fully personalized with items selected based on your astrological sign.

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